Protect Yourself
From Scammers!

By Evelyn (Evie) Preston,
The Money Lady

Tis the season of getting as well as giving. However, I received—and turned down—$2.5 million from Publisher’s Clearing House without buying one magazine, and I only needed to swiftly send all my bank info…acct. #, routing #…you get the idea.

Well, my gift to readers this holiday season is legit…“gentle reminders” of the past year’s more important messages. Number one—seniors must stay alert to scams!

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Why Work With a
Senior Real Estate
Certified Realtor?”

--Mercedes Roses

A Senior Certified Realtor works with Seniors and their families in determining their housing needs and guiding them as they navigate through the home sale process. 

If you are thinking about selling your home and asking yourself, "where do I start?" Or, if you are looking forward to downsizing and no longer wanting to maintain a home due to cost or the constant upkeep, a Senior Real Estate Certified Realtor can help.

Feel free to call me today if you have any questions or would like a no obligation consultation and Property Valuation. I can help! Call 650.766.3910. Email: [email protected] Visit:

"The Day You Become a Solo Ager"
By Sara  Zeff Geber

 A "solo ager" is someone who does not have children or other familial support.

Those who are married or partnered rarely consider themselves solo agers. However, when a spouse or partner dies, the widow or widower may then become
a solo ager.

How do you know if you are a solo ager? It all comes down to your support system, also known as your social network. 


Own On Digital, DVD
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This documentary chronicles the rise of the legendary band The Bee Gees and the evolution of their music over the years.

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By Larry Hayes, A050 CEO/Founder

"Do I Need a Smartwatch?
I Already Have a Smartphone. I'm 85"

--Jimmy, San Francisco

Kudos on having a smartphone. You should
also consider getting a smartwatch, even though
you have a smartphone.

Health-related benefits of a smartwatch are amazing including many innovative features to track your daily health and fitness.

It’s like having your own personal healthcare assistant. 24/7.

Emergency SOS, fall detection, blood pressure, oxygen and heart rate monitoring are just a few reasons why my wife and I wear Apple watches--beloved Christmas gifts from our daughter a few years ago.


Ageism Sucks!
Bad For People.
Bad For Business

--Ken Dychtwald, CEO Age Wave

Due to America’s obsession with youth – ironically formulated and solidified when Boomers were young – most product and service developers and marketers direct most of their attention to Millennials and Gen Zers.

But those cohorts are predominantly broke, time-constrained and only marginally loyal to products and services.

Focusing on the historically “sought-after youth market” is a costly mistake when today’s older men and women now have considerable wealth, time and interests to satisfy.

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Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., is CEO of Age Wave and the author of two new books: "What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age" and "Radical Curiosity: One Man’s Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life." To learn about Age Wave, go to:


Bucket List
Exotic Egypt: Land Of
Kings & Pyramids

--Bill Moniz, World Traveler

My wife Judy and I visited Egypt for two weeks in November 2021. Egypt has been one of my many bucket list countries--the land of the pharaohs, pyramids, mummies, the Nile and many other historical aspects of the country.

Flying into Cairo at night one sees nothing but a narrow band of lights surrounded by darkness extending from the Mediterranean Sea at Alexandria to Cairo, 120+ miles south.

With a population greater than 100 million (13th largest in the world) 50% live in these two cities with the balance pressed along 15,000 SQ miles of the banks of the Nile River that runs the length of the country from Sudan in the south.
The remaining 90%+ of Egypt’s land is uninhabited desert.


Lifestyle Changes Can
Help Prevent Diabetes

In the U.S., 88 million adults or 1
in 3 has prediabetes but most don’t know it. Diabetes puts people at risk for nerve
damage, cardiovascular disease, foot and limb injuries, vision problems and other complications that arise from
having uncontrolled blood sugar.

Lifestyle changes can help prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease.
• Lose extra weight
• Be more physically active
• Eat healthy plant foods
• Eat healthy fats
• Consult your doctor for routine screenings and diagnostic testing

For more information, visit the doctors of Physicians Medical Group of San Jose, CA. Call 888.988.8682
or visit

Ideal Gift!
"Social Insecurity"
by John Donaghue

“Social Insecurity” is a new, funny book for anyone who plans on getting old someday.

Charming, witty, crazy, offbeat, happy comics by John Donaghue, award-winning art director and creator of Under Cardiac Arrest comics that appear regularly in The Scoop.

Perfect gift for friends and family. Order today.
Click Here

Bridging The "Digital
Gap" For Seniors
By Evelyn (Evie) Preston

Larry Magid, tech columnist (Digital Crossroads) for the San Jose Mercury News, should be required reading, especially for older adults.

Along with his notable blogs, books and websites, his continuing personal technology columns stand out as accessible, understandable and very pleasing prose.

A clear path through the wilderness of confusing info and jargon. After reading his nuanced comments on specific tech products and programs, a potential purchaser or user can feel a little wiser, a lot smarter and much more comfortable by making informed decisions.

Independent Senior Living
Starting $3,000 Monthly

Senior living doesn’t get any better than Chateau-Cupertino in Cupertino, CA.

Enjoy a home-like environment in your own apartment with three fresh served home-style meals daily starting at $3,000 per month.

Schedule A Tour Today!
[email protected]

Reverse Mortgage
Need Extra Cash?
--Marilyn Brown Ross, Open Mortgage

“With over 15 year’s experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, I can answer your questions about reverse mortgages."

Q: Will the bank own my house?

A: The bank does not take ownership of your Home. They simply extend a loan.

To learn if a reverse mortgage is right for you, call 408.722.0010. Ross

Resort Style Living
The Villages Golf
& Country Club

7011 Via Valverde, San Jose, CA


2 bedroom/2 bath/1588 sq.ft. Remodeled kitchen and upgraded bathrooms.

Call Carla Griffin today for a tour
and more information. 408.274.8766

Note: For a video tour of this property, go to:

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"Don't Let the Old Man In"
--Clint Eastwood & Toby Keith

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