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Howard Wood, 60, of Scotland.

Recreational diver and self-taught marine biologist fights to protect his beloved sea.

2015 Goldman Environmental Prize Winner.

One person can make a difference.

Howard Wood witnessed a sharp decline in the local fisheries of Whiting Bay on the Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland.

Commercial fisheries were the main culprit with help from the
Scottish government. Wood was the driving force to establish
Scotland’s first “No Take Zone” and Marine Protected Areas. Because of his “grassworks” efforts, Wood was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize which recognizes individuals working at the grassroots level who protect and enhance our environment.
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Featured Story

“End of Life. Dispelling the Myths of Hospice”

By Moira Fordyce, MD.

  1. Hospice is a place
  2. Hospice is only for people with cancer
  3. Hospice is only for old adults
  4. Hospice means the withdrawal of all medical care
  5. Hospice is only about pain management

Hospice offers good medical and nursing care and support to the patient and caregivers before, during and after death. More than one million Americans were served by Hospice care in 2004. Read More


Featured Story

“Cruising Cuba”

By Melody Wren

For 50 years, Americans were not allowed to visit Cuba—the forbidden island. All that has changed. Via a cruise ship, writer Melody Wren toured the island recently for a first hand look. And she liked what she saw.

Of course, she took a spin around Havana in a classic American car! Read More

Recent Book Releases

"What To Do With Your Stuff?"
By Lois Tager

A guide to decisions about personal possessions and life choices. Self describing book that details the storing, assigning, allocating, organizing or even disposing of all your possessions. This book will encourage you to start the process of making important decisions easily and avoiding conflicts. To order, go to: 408.356.9200

"Second Wind"
Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper, and More Connected Life by Dr. Bill Thomas.

How do you know that you are outgrowing adulthood?

When you begin to feel that the life you have been living is out of balance; when the need to perform, to hurry and to acquire is no longer compelling. It¹s like the moment when your favorite tennis shoes start to give you blisters. The way you¹ve been living your adult life doesn¹t  fulfill you anymore.

Dr. Bill Thomas, one of the most innovative thinkers in medicine, explains that a new life phase is beginning to emerge within our society. When the Baby Boom Generation came of age in the 1960s and 1970s, they jump-started a cultural revolution that shaped today¹s society. Now, many feel they are living a  life of frenzied disharmony. This out-of-balance feeling is a signal that you are ready for your second coming of age, your life beyond Adulthood--"Elderhood."